Panel Guidelines

Submission Instructions

Panel sessions should provide multiple perspectives on the same issue and will allow session participants to contribute to the dialogue about the issue.


Panel sessions at FIE 2015 will provide venues for conversations about a wide range of timely issues in Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology (CSET) education. Panel sessions permit extended time to explore a selected issue in depth and simultaneously provide multiple perspectives. Audiences leave superior panel sessions with new ways of thinking about pressing issues.

Key Characteristics

  • Panels are scheduled as part of the technical program in parallel with traditional paper presentations. 
  • Panel sessions normally consist of short presentations by several speakers followed by a discussion period with the audience. 
  • Proposals will designate the amount of time to be allowed for discussion and the moderator is bound to that schedule.
  • Panel proposals will be peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers. 
  • Panel Sessions are 90 minutes in length.



All proposals for panel sessions at FIE 2015 must be submitted electronically no later than February 6, 2015, through the conference submission web site: Each person involved in the session must be added as an author in the EDAS submission.

Contact information for the panel session organizer should be entered in the spaces provided on the submission web page. The proposal text should provide the following information.

  • Contact information (name, affiliation, phone, and email) for organizer(s) of the panel session
  • Goal(s) of the session
  • Names and institutions for each proposed panel member. Members of the panel are the people who provide different perspectives on the issue being addressed by the panel. Therefore, their names and qualifications are critical to the quality of the panel session. Panel session proposals that do not include the names of proposed panel participants will be evaluated lower in this area.
  • Description of topics/subjects/content of the session, including the rationale for why these ideas are better served by a Panel session (approximately 300 - 500 words). 
  • Brief description of proposed peer-reviewed full papers (if any) from panel members to accompany the Panel session in FIE 2015. These abstracts and papers will be submitted separately, but should indicate that they are associated with "Panel Name".
  • Description of the anticipated audience, including expected number of attendees.
  • All organizers and presenters on panels and in special sessions are expected to register for and attend the conference.



February 6, 2015   --  Initial proposals are due. For Special Sessions and Panels, if full papers are to be submitted by presenters, those abstracts also are due Feb. 6, 2015 and the papers will follow the same timeline as other papers.

March 16, 2015  --  Authors will be notified of acceptance, acceptance with suggestions, or rejection of their proposal. 

April 27, 2015 --  Responses to suggestions for modifications or clarifications are due.  Preliminary papers to accompany Panels and Special Sessions, if any, are due. Papers and response attachments are limited to 4 pages.

July 10, 2015 -- Final session descriptions, outlines, summaries, and accompanying papers are due.