Pre-Conference Workshops Guidelines

Submission Instructions

Another form of a non-traditional session is a Pre-Conference Workshop session. Workshops can provide participants with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and strengthen their skills in the area addressed by the workshop. These sessions provide a longer time period for interaction and also may require the payment of additional fees by participants.

Key Characteristics

Since these workshops are scheduled outside the regular conference blocking, they are allotted three-hour time slots during the workshop day. This longer time period allows presenters to delve deeper into the topics presented. 

  • Pre-conference Workshops will provide a collaborative, active learning environment for the attendees. Attendees will leave with skills, knowledge, or materials that they can use in their own teaching practice or scholarship of learning and teaching. 
  • Pre-conference Workshop presenters will submit an outline and supporting documentation for the workshop rather than a formal paper. 
  • Pre-conference Workshop presenters must register for and attend the conference.
  • Pre-conference Workshop attendees must pre-register for workshops. A fee may be charged to cover workshop materials. 
  • Pre-conference Workshops proposals will be peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers.


All proposals for Pre-Conference Workshops at FIE 2015 must be submitted electronically no later than February 6, 2015 through the conference submission web site: Each person involved in the session must be added as an author in the EDAS submission.

Contact information for the workshop organizer should be entered in the spaces provided on the submission web page.

The proposal text should provide the following information:

  • Contact information (name, affiliation, phone, and email) for each anticipated facilitator or presenter in the workshop
  • Goal(s) of the Pre-Conference Workshop and how these goals align with the goals of FIE
  • Description of topics/subjects/content of the workshop (approximately 200-300 words) 
  • References or explanations of the qualifications of presenters to lead this workshop (approximately 100-200 words)
  • Workshop agenda (Please give details and approximate time allotted for each activity) 
  • Description of the anticipated audience and the maximum number of people you would prefer
  • Description of the take-away skill, knowledge or material that attendees will acquire (approximately 100-200 words)
  • Any special requirements for electricity, audio-visual equipment, or materials.
  • Anticipated fee for attendees to cover materials and supplies. The FIE committee may impose additional fees to cover facility expenses.

Please note that workshop presenters are expected to register for and participate in the full conference.


February 6, 2015   --  Initial proposals are due.

March 16, 2015 --  Authors will be notified of acceptance, acceptance with suggestions, or rejection of their proposal. 

April 27, 2015  --  Responses to suggestions for modifications or clarifications are due.  Preliminary papers to accompany Panels and Special Sessions, if any, are due. Papers are limited to 4 pages.

July 10, 2015 -- Final session descriptions, outlines, summaries, and accompanying papers are due.